Ellie Cachette

Ellie Cachette

Technologist, Investor

Co-Founder SwipeApp, author of Software Agreements for Dummies. Former founder, mobile designer and public health advocate.

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The Content Strategist

The U.S. Government Has A Content Problem (and Your Brand May Too)

To some people, a piece of online content might jus...

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The Huffington Post

Ellie Cachette: Girl Scouts and the Future of Business - Huffington Post

Girl Scouts and the Future of Business - The Huffington Post

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The Content Strategist

Lawsuits: The Content Your Brand Doesn’t Want To Think About

An example of The Oatmeal’s popular cartoon work.

The Huffington Post

Ellie Cachette - Huffington Post

Ellie Cachette is Founder and CEO of ConsumerBell, helping companies and parents manage recalls while keeping kids safe. Recognized by the California State Senate as an "Outstanding Educator" in AIDS and Public health in 1997, Ellie has been an active supporter in the campaign to cure AIDS and promote healthy living.

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The Huffington Post

Ellie Cachette: Leaning Sideways: What About The Founders In The ...

Lean back? Maybe Sheryl Sandberg should be telling more women to "lean sideways" as the next decade is going to be one filled with amazing flourishing women-led businesses and some interesting family situations to go along with it.

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The Huffington Post

Ellie Cachette: Predicting the Future: Google, the Census and Leslie ...

I have been sitting down with several executive and entrepreneurial women to ask what they see as the driving force behind the movement behind the rise of women entrepreneurs

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The Huffington Post

Ellie Cachette: The Future With Health: Women Taking Over and ...

Public health in the U.S. is a huge issue. Trying to be healthy, staying healthy, and continuing to be health. Why do women matter? Because they (we) are building bigger and better companies than ever imaginable.